S2 Unified can provide:

  • Hardware Support to demanding SLAs including 24/7
  • Software Support for you entire Infrastructure
  • Pay As You Go Support
  • Managed Service

Hardware Support

Hardware Break/Fix Support throughout the UK and Ireland Multi-vendor Support (HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, Cisco) Guaranteed Fix Time opposed to manufacturer’s guaranteed response Competitive pricing


Software Support

Today’s systems are more and more complicated, and despite the best of care, they can get themselves in a mess. Servers stop serving, email stops arriving, files go missing, and the key database just won’t open on one key laptop.

Support Points

In many organisations, there is either an in-house resource that can provide a wide range of first line support capability. Still there are times when the situation is a little tougher than expected and you need an expert to jump in and find the problem and get it resolved.


Managed Service

Hardware Support and Software Support are both reactive models, which means that you have wait until a problem occurs before you become aware of it. Then you have to contact your support company, and wait for the problem to get fixed.