Computer Software is usually a bit more complicated than a program that you buy on a disk and just install it and use it.

Software Licencing is often a minefield with different purchasing programs and agreements that you can enter. Software licences can be perpetual or time limited and subscriptions can be monthly or annually renewed.

Finally there are the issues of compatibility between the chosen software, the hardware and other software programs including operating systems.

S2 Unified can help you navigate this maze and buy the right software to suit your needs.


CalSync embraces the trend of “bring your own device” and allows students to take full advantage of their own mobile, smartphone or tablet. Students can access their calendars whilst on the move with a comprehensive view of the day’s activities and location, whenever and wherever. No excuses for not knowing where they need to be!


AD-Link was specifically designed to a standard output from the NHS ESR (Electronic Staff Record ) System and automatically update Active Directory.

S2Unified has designed a powerful data engine that can accept feeds from any external system and use this data to create or update records in AD.


Whether you are looking for a single copy of Microsoft Access, a licence for Windows Server 2012, or Office 365 licencing for the whole organisation, navigating your way through the maze of Microsoft Licences can be daunting. S2 Unified can help you understand which licencing option is best for you and how the licencing works.


VMware is the leading Virtualisation software in the industry.

VMware allows you run several virtual servers inside one physical host. This technology can provide fantastic reductions in hardware ownership costs and improve reliability in the process.

S2 Unified can help with the purchase and the ongoing maintenance of your VMware licencing.

S2 Unified can help you identify the opportunity for virtulaisation within your organisation and provide a complete solution including the migration of your existing servers.


Cyberspace is full of potential threats from viruses to malware, Trojans to rootkits. Antivirus Software is essential,

From our Managed Antivirus Solution to licencing for the major AV software companies like Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky and AVG, S2 Unified can help you get protected.


Wherever you have multi-site environments there is usually a requirement for users on one site to access applications and data that reside on another site.

The premier technology to allow you to do this is Citrix.

S2 Unified can advise and supply all the licencing you need to ensure that your users get the remote access they require.

Backup Software

For those who are using traditional backup devices like tape, hard drive and NAS devices, it is imperative to have decent backup software to ensure your data gets backed up properly.

S2 Unified can supply software from the top security vendors like Symantec and Veeam to ensure your data is secure.