Managed Service

Managed Service

Hardware Support and Software Support are both reactive models, which means that you have wait until a problem occurs before you become aware of it. Then you have to contact your support company, and wait for the problem to get fixed.

Now there is a better model. There is a model that involves your support provider installing an agent on each machine that monitors it and reports back if there is a problem. This means that your support provider can get a jump start on any problems and often fix it before the user(s) notices it.

The Managed Service contract is just that, a completely managed service including anti-virus, anti-spam and will include any changes like new users etc. The cost is per desktop (PC or laptop) and per server, so the costs are easy to plan.

S22 Unified offers just such a contract and recommend it to organisations that have little or no internal IT resource and want minimal disruption to their everyday operations.


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