Hardware Support

Hardware Support

Wherever there is a physical device, then there is the possibility that it can fail. Usually when this occurs the cost of the problem isn’t getting the device fixed, it’s the case of who isn’t working and what does that mean in the case of time and money lost. In the case of a desktop it’s a single user who cant work, you can bet that the problem will be at the worst possible time, but if a server or network device fails the whole company stops working.

This is why most organisations operate some kind of support system, either internal or external to ensure that when something breaks it gets fixed quickly.

S2 Unified can offer:

Hardware Break/Fix Support throughout the UK and Ireland
Multi-vendor Support (HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, Cisco)
Guaranteed Fix Time opposed to manufacturer’s guaranteed response
Competitive pricing

So whatever your hardware or the amount, we can cover you (call us for details).